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Yantian tiger

Yantian tiger

Yantian tiger

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    Yantian tiger
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    Writer Hu Chong
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    The One Book
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2021-12-04 12:31:37
It is said that a person who committed a felony in his previous life will become a Heavenly Master in this life. The Heavenly Master is an extremely dangerous profession, responsible for killing the powerful and terrible magic ghosts in the six realms! Defeat the enemy who peeps into the six realms the story takes place in the era of the art robbery when the art ghost brought disaster to the world and led to the destruction of life. My name is Zong Yanli. I was born as a ferocious ghost because I was the reincarnation wheel of the power of Yuan Qi Yang. I was a container fought by ghosts, demons, immortals and demons for several generations only to obtain the power of yin and Yang. When I was young, I was abducted and sold to Yinjia village to be a son for a childless couple, We lived happily together until they were turned into magic ghosts. When I was dying, someone who came here killed them, and I awakened the blood of the Heavenly Master in my body... From the moment when the blood awakened, I was destined to embark on the road of the Heavenly Master!

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